Best of 2019 Top 10 Countdown

Best of 2019

The Top 10 countdown show is comprised of the music we played on our show in 2019, combined with the Year End Chart from Mediabase, which is the primary source for the programming of Party Radio Japan.

We will also tell you whats hot on various music charts from Billboard Online Music Magazine.

3 Music Charts, One Countdown

  • Please not a full 3-hour broadcast of this countdown show will be posted at at the end of January. Because of the 1-hour time constraints we could not include the full 3-hour show on InterFM. Get updates on our Twitter feed.

Listen now what you missed on InterFM this week. 今すぐ聞く

For our Tokyo listeners Party Radio Japan is a 1-hour format program. For our national listeners they will get a full 2-hour show. Program dates are always Saturday nights. Check InterFM 897 for the Tokyo schedule.


Radio Production Disclaimers

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